Get a pug and name him Beast

Rock climb in Joshua Tree 
Meet Ketut Liyer RIP. Met Nyoman Liyer--His son
Hot air balloon in France 
Learn Italian 
New York Pizza
Try all 31 flavors at Baskin Robins
Pet a giraffe while drinking wine 
Visit Giraffe Manor
Have a cake fight
Play messy twister
Snow mobile 
Snow shoe 
See Multnomah Falls

Swim with sharks
Save baby turtles 
WATERBOM (worlds 2nd best water park)
Name a star
Go to Zion
Moterbike cross country 

Siam Park (worlds best water park)
Adventure Waterpark ( worlds 3rd best water park)
Airboat the Everglades 
Visit Bryce Canyon 
Send a message in a bottle 
Hike the Appalachian Trail 
Swim in the worlds largest swimming pool
Get a cat and name her Nala
Ride in a gondola in Venice 
Drink wine from a water fountain 
See the Statue of Liberty
Visit Dixie National Forest 

Go to a Brazilian Carnival 
Visit Bali 
Go to Ellis Island
See the pyramids in Egypt 
Rope swing into water 
Ride a camel 
Free rock climb a waterfall 
Give back to the earth 
Skydive in Hawaii 
Learn archery 
Meet the love of my life
Visit Umpqua Hot Springs in the winter 
Snorkel in Bali 
Sit next to a sea lion (don't touch though!)
Rope swing into water 
Ride a camel 
Visit New York City 
Ride the subway
Have a picnic in Central Park

See the Northern Lights 
Sit in the Blue Lagoon 
Plant a tree, watch it grow
Build a snowman 
Learn archery 
Get a drink with a stranger 
Go to Monkey Temple 
Walk The Great Wall of China 
Chase a tornado 
Get lost in a corn maze
Visit Crater Lake National Park 
Have my very own blog
Visit the Redwood Forest 
Visit Pinnacles National Park
Kayak Havasu Falls
See The Grand Canyon 
Hand feed ducks
Visit  Calaveras Big Trees State Park
Go to Glacier National Park 
Visit Alaska during the midnight sun 
Visit Olympic National Park
Visit Sequoia
Hand feed ducks
Hug a goat
Swim in Toketee Falls 
Get pizza in Naples 
Watch Romeo and Juliet in Verona 
Sail a boat 
Bathe an elephant 
Ride in a horse and carriage 
Attend a masquerade 
Visit Mt.Rainer
Visit Antelope Valley